What is Hijaz Community?

Hijaz Community is an institution that has been founded on the universal Islamic principles of the self-development of each human being, towards empowering the true advancement of society and community. The philosophies that underpin the Hijaz Vision have been carefully deliberated and crafted over a number of years, to adeptly meet the needs of Muslims today. Hijaz Community welcomes everyone from society irrespective of religion, nationality, gender, age, social class, educational background or profession. We believe in creating a community that is ready to help develop, nurture and guide everyone within it. The aim of Hijaz Community is to ensure that every member makes a definitive improvement in their life and is ready to share that value with others around them. At Hijaz we strongly believe that each and every individual has their own unique role to play in making our society and our world a better place. This is why we strive to serve each individual through a process of personal enrichment and mentoring in order to enable their self-development – because we believe that enriched individuals constitute an enriched society. Pioneering a dynamic programme of societal change, Hijaz Community has created a shared vision of an enriched community working to bring harmony and civic responsibility back to the heart of society. The outcome which Hijaz Community envisages is one where the local community tends to its own needs, in balance with the needs of everyone and everything around it.